Adding a Claim

You can easily set up a new claim inside Encircle following the steps below. If you're on Guidewire you will be able to auto-create the Encircle claim from within Guidewire.

  1. Click Add Claim from the Claim inbox page.mceclip2.png
  2. Enter ClaimID - this can be any unique identifier for the claim file.
  3. Enter Policyholder Details
  4. Enter Address Details
  5. Enter Claim Details and scroll down.mceclip3.png
  6. Add any additional buildings or Structures.
  7. Add the Affected Rooms based on FNOL information 
  8. Adjust Claim Totals, (Sales Tax, Default Depreciation, Max Depreciation), as needed.
  9. Click Create Claim.mceclip1.png


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