Using Encircle's Guidewire Add-On

We're excited to announce that Encircle’s Ready for Guidewire validated add-on is now available to insurers in the Guidewire Marketplace.

Encircle’s Ready for Guidewire add-on for Fast Claims Settlement, allows P&C insurers on Guidewire ClaimCenter to easily send claims to Encircle so that policyholders, restoration contractors, subcontractors, independent adjusters, and third-party administrators can be included on the claim to document what is happening in the field.

The Encircle photos, videos, notes, and sketches can automatically sync back into ClaimCenter, empowering users to seamlessly operate out of the system most suited to the specific task.

With Encircle’s Ready for Guidewire integration, adjusters in ClaimCenter can:

 Reduce the administrative overhead of managing claims in multiple systems 

 Make accurate, fast decisions with real-time access to visual information 

 Reduce cycle times by connecting all parties in a visual workflow from FNOL to claim closed 

 Maintain high levels of customer service throughout the claim settlement process

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