Guiding the Policyholder to use Link

  1. Let the policyholder know a text message has been sent and to tap on the link.
  2. Instruct them to tap on the camera icon in order to take photos and videos.
  3. Start taking overview photos (left to right) of the affected area and specific damage.
  4. Ask the insured to take a video once you’re off the phone to visually and verbally describe the loss.

Google no longer supports taking photos directly within Policyholder Link for Android. This means that Android users who use Chrome as their default browser won't be able to take photos directly within Policyholder Link. Users encounering this issue have 2 options:

  1. Take photos on their device's main camera and upload the photos from the gallery within Policyholder Link.
  2. Open the link using another browers on their phone (e.g. Firefox).


Sample Script

[Insured Name] In order to speed up the claim process and address your needs, I have sent you a text/message that allows you to upload photos or videos. This will allow me to quickly understand what you're dealing with so we can get you assistance as soon as possible. Let me know when you receive the text message/ email.

[Pause until response from insured] 

Please click on that link and let me know when you see our logo at the top. You can click on the camera or gallery to upload photos or videos. I’d like you to start taking photos left to right at eye level of the damaged area. 

[Pause until you receive photos] 

When we hang up, you can take a video and describe the specific damage caused by the event that I will reference later. 



Video: Guiding the policyholder to use Encircle Link


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