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What are General Notes?

General Notes are a great way to communicate any type of high-level job notes to and from the field on a specific claim file. Click her for instructions on how to use General Notes in the mobile app.

*Notes that are specific to a room should be added as a room note.

All shared users can access, edit, and delete the notes from the web app or the mobile app.


Viewing General Notes

Your field team will likely be adding general notes to update the job with information like inspection/assessment summaries, daily summaries, scopes, comments from the customer, etc. To view general notes, navigate to the General Notes tab and then select a note to view it in full.

View Note.png


You will have the option to edit, delete, or view the history of each note - the history will show a log of all edits and who made each change.

View History or Edit Note.png 

Adding a General Note

To add a note:

  1. Click Add Note.
  2. Enter a title and/or description. You can also add photos or videos to the note if desired.
  3. Click Save.

Add Note.png



Using Note Templates

Your org may have some custom note templates set up to use for common items such as daily summaries, inspection summaries, job completion, etc. These templates are pre-filled with certain information to make your entry as fast and easy as possible and ensure critical info is not left out.

To use a template in your note, follow these steps:

  1. Click Use Template.
  2. Select the template you want to use.
  3. Click Use. Use Template 1-3.png
  4. Fill out the note - you can add or remove information to the pre-filled text as needed. Add media to your note if desired.
  5. Click Save.

Using Templates 4-5.png



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