Adding Filters to the Claim Inbox

You can have as many filters as you to give you quick access to views of claims used often.

First, click the Add Filter button to open the Add a Filter popup window. mceclip1.png

Various options to filter on:

  1. You can enter a date range using From and To dates to show claims created within those dates.
  2. Click People to choose a type of person, then an additional field will require the name to be entered exactly as it is on the claim.
  3. Click Status and choose from the status list and then select the desired status to filter on.
  4. Clicking Only My Claims will limit any other filter settings to those that you are on.
  5. Enter a name for the filter so it is easy to recall the expected results.
  6. Click Add Filter to finalize and you will see it in the claim inbox.mceclip0.png


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