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When should I share the claim?

Sharing the claim with someone should generally only be done when they are actually working on / contributing to the claim file. This typically is limited to your team members and perhaps a third party estimator or a sub-trade (if they are collaborating on the claim to a large degree).

This is because when someone is shared on the claim in Encircle, they have full editing capabilities. While this makes sense for member of your organization, we usually advise against sharing the claim file directly with a client or adjuster.

*Note that anyone shared on the claim will need to be an Encircle user with an account set up.

I want to share my photos with an adjuster or client. What do I do?

Encircle has built in reports that are ideal for this purpose. You can easily create a report with photos, floor plans, dry logs, etc. This can be done in the mobile app or the web app.

I want to request photos from my client or sub-trade. What do I do?

In some cases you may want to request information such as photos, videos, or documents without giving the person full access to the claim. For this, use our Link tool. With Link, you can request that your client or perhaps a sub-trade upload some photos to the job for you, without requiring them to download the app or giving them access to your job file.

How to Share a Claim

While it’s usually not mandatory to share the claim file with your team, you can do this if you want a team member to get notified that they have a new job to work on. That person will receive an email and an in-app notification to let them know they’ve been shared on a new claim and launch the file.

  1. From the Overview tab, click Share Claim.
  2. Enter the email address of the desired recipient.
  3. Click Add Share. An email notification will be sent to the recipient and the claim will be added to their inbox.




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