The Claim Inbox (Web App)

The Claim Inbox is where you land after signing in to the web app. It's essentially the home page.

Below is a quick tour of the key points of interest.


1. Claim Types Property Claims, External Assignments
2. Search Search the inbox
3. Notifications Claim notifications
4. Add Claim Create a new claim
5. Add Filter  Create custom filters

6. Filters

Toggle filters on/off
7. Claim List View your claims
8. Job Status Mark the status of a job
9. Actions Leave, delete, or close claims
10. Additional Links Settings, Help & Support, EncircleU, Contact, etc.


Claim Types

  • Property Claims: this is the name for the digital job file where your team will store photos, documents, readings, reports, etc.
  • External Assignments: this is where incoming external assignments from XactAnalysis will show up. From here you can convert these files into claims.



You can search across all claims against Policyholder Name, Address, Claim ID and Date.

Note that the search function only searches within the filtered results. So if you have a filter enabled, it will only return results from your current filtered content.




The notification bell will alert you that a new notification has arrived. It could be an update from a policyholder request such as photos being uploaded or document signed. It could also be a note that a floor plan or report has finished processing.

Clicking on a notification will jump into the applicable claim.


Add Claim


Click this to create a new claim.


Add Filter


Click this to create a new custom filter.



By default, every new user has one filter called My Claims, which are the claims that you’re shared on. Or in other words, these are the claims that you’re working on.

Clicking No Filter will display all the claims that belong to the company. 

You can set up your own custom filters to filter your claims based on date, insurance carrier, project manager, job status and more. 


Claim List

Here you'll see your claims. Simply click on a claim to open it and start working out of it.


Job Status

Job Status allows you to mark the key milestones of a job. This can be updated by anyone in the field or the office. To update the status of a claim, click the dropdown in the appropriate category (Mitigation, Moisture, Contents, Rebuild).




  1. The 3 dot menu above the Actions column allows you to sort your claims by Creation Date or Modification Date.
  2. The 3 dot menu below to the right of each claim allows you to Leave, Delete (org admins only), or Close a claim (depending on your permission level).
    1. Leave Claim: unassigns you from a claim and removes it from your My Claims view. We recommend doing this when you are done working on a claim.
    2. Delete Claim: deletes the claim for everyone (claims can be recovered if deleted by accident)
    3. Close Claim: marks the claim as closed (which can be useful for filtering), but otherwise does not remove it from your inbox or unassign you from it.

    Additional Links

  • Settings: opens your personal user settings and company account settings (org admins only)
  • Help & Support: launches our help center where you can view how-to articles and open a support ticket
  • EncircleU: launches our online training program where users can take free training courses on the Encircle product and industry best practices
  • Contact Us: launches our website where you can open a support ticket or reach out to one of our teams
  • Logout: logs you out of the web app



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