How to Use General Notes on Web app

General Notes are a great way to communicate any type of high-level job notes to and from the field on a specific claim file. Click for the mobile version of General Notes.

All shared users can access, edit, and delete the notes from the web app or the mobile app.


To View a Note

From the General Notes tab, you can sort the list of notes by date.

1. Click on the note to open it for viewing in full or editing.

2. The full note appears in the popup window.

3. Click the "information" icon to view the log of contributors to the note.


Navigating General Notes

1. After opening a claim, access General Notes from the side menu.

2. Click Add Note to create a new note, (jump to the next section to complete the note).

3. Click on a Note to open to read or edit.

4. Click the Pencil to open the Note in "edit mode" or Trash to delete.

5. Sort Notes by Created Date - ascending or descending.




Completing the note

1. Enter an appropriate title.

2. Enter the body of the note

3. Click Save.






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