Adding Room Overview Photos & Videos


Before work starts, make sure you take some overview photos and/or videos of the room.

  1. Tap the + button.
  2. Select Add Photos & Videos.
  3. Press the volume button on your device or tap the white capture button on screen to snap a photo.
  4. Move the camera slightly to the right and snap another photo. Repeat until you've got a 360 degree overview of the room.
    1. (Optional) Tap Video to switch to record an overview video.
  5. Tap Done to save and return to the room, where you'll now see your photos/videos.



Best Practices for Overview Photo Documentation:

  • Keep your device vertical so that the floor and ceiling are in view.
  • Start the entrance, moving from left to right, building a 360 degree panoramic view.
  • Stick to just overview photos/videos in this section. Use Room Notes for close up photos that need a label; such as source of loss, resulting damage, pre-existing damage, etc.




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