Merging Claims

If your org ends up with duplicate claims, you can easily merge them together into one job file. Note that you need standard permissions to do this.

Duplicate Claims.png

Open the claim you wish to merge into your destination claim. We recommend that you merge the claim with the fewest claim details into the other. For example, if Claim A has fewer claim details filled out, merge that one into Claim B.

Destination Claim.png

Now follow these steps to merge the two claims:

  1. On the overview tab, click Merge Claim.
  2. In the next window, select the destination claim you want to merge into. (You can use the search bar to search for a name, address, claim #, etc if needed).
  3. Click Merge.Merge 1-3.png
  4. Click Merge with Claim to confirm.
  5. The two claim files will now be merged into one. All claim data (photos, notes, floor plans, Hydro data, etc) will now be housed in the same file.

Merge 4-5.png



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