Syncing Data from the Field

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What is "Syncing"?

The Encircle app relies on an internet connection to sync - or upload - your data such as photos, notes, readings, etc from your device to our servers (aka "the cloud"). After your data syncs, it becomes visible to other users on other devices.



How can I know if my app is syncing?

The app provides you with a preview of your syncing status at all times. It's located at the bottom right corner of the screen. 

As your data syncs down, you'll see the number of un-synced items going down. We call this your sync queue.


When the count disappears, that means your sync queue is empty, and all of your data has successfully been synced to our servers.


Tapping the icon will open the Network Settings page, where you can see more details about your sync status, network usage mode, and connection quality.


If you don't see your sync queue going down, that means your device is having trouble syncing. This is indicated by a slash or an x through your sync icon. Check here for more help with this.






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