Creating a Bearer Token for API Integration

To get started using the Encircle API, you need a bearer token so that the API can access your organization's data.

*Note that you must have admin permissions to complete these steps.

  1. From the claim inbox, click Settings.
  2. Select Bots/Public API.
  3. Click Create Bot. 1-3.png
  4. On that new bot, click Create Bearer Token.
  5. Enter your Encircle password and click Save Changes.
  6. Your bearer token will be temporarily displayed until you refresh or navigate away from the page. Make sure you copy your token right away and save it somewhere secure. 4-6.png

*The bearer token allows for access to your company's information within Encircle. It is a secret and should be guarded as such. Only share this token with trusted integrations. You can contact to double check if a particular integration is trusted by us. If you believe a token is compromised, you can delete it directly from the Bots page, which will permanently revoke its access.

If you require a single bearer token for a complex organization (e.g. your company has multiple Encircle organizations/accounts) please contact for help.

Make sure that you provide your developers with a copy of our public API documentation.




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