Best Practice Basic Documenting Steps

This article is meant to be a cheat sheet guide of the documenting steps upon site arrival. Hyperlinks to specific actions will open in a new tab.


Prior to mobilizing for the site visit, it is a good practice to open the claim and review any images/videos from the policyholder and any notes from the claim admin or PM.

Preparing for the site visit

  1. From the Claim Inbox, open the claim.
  2. Review any images or video from the policyholder
  3. If your team has added Claim Notes, Site Notes, or Instructions, you can view them by tapping on the General Notes tab.
  4. Review any documents that may need to be updated or signed.
  5. Add any documents that may be needed for signature.

Arrival to Site

  1. Add Exterior photos to the "Exterior" Room.
  2. Add a Note of any pre-existing conditions of exterior and property access using photos or videos.
  3. Add or update General Notes related to job or site instructions as required.
  4. Obtain any needed signatures on documents.

Documenting Pathways to the Affected Areas

  1. Add a Room such as Entrance or Hallway etc.
  2. Add Photos, Notes with photos, or videos of any pre-existing conditions of the pathways.
  3. As an alternate approach, create one room called "Pathways to Affected Areas". Add Photos and or Notes, ( photos/videos), of pre-existing damage for an area and use Title and Description to label it.

Documenting the Affected Areas

  1. Add or open the Room.
  2. Take overview photos of the room.  Start on the left, panning to the right, and build a panoramic view with about 6-10 photos. 
  3. Take a short 15- 20 sec video of the area and speak to the details that you see.
  4. Add Notes (using photos or video), related to:
    • pre-existing conditions
    • cause of loss
    • resulting damage to the structure
    • resulting damage to contents
  5. Add a Sketch of the area and enter significant details.




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