Custom Forms in Encircle


Encircle will digitize your business’ forms so that you can capture electronic signatures, client info, daily technician notes, and more. Some common examples are:

  • Work Authorization / Service Agreement
  • Liability Release
  • Health Questionnaire
  • Direction of Pay
  • Right to Cancel
  • Change Order
  • Scope Sheets
  • Consumables Lists & Tick Sheets
  • Price List
  • Antimicrobial Authorization
  • Disposal Authorization
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Daily Job Logs

These forms can contain photo attachments, document attachments,  customer surveys, comment boxes, tables, and more.

To get your forms into your account, send a copy of each form (PDF or Word format please) to

If you have an idea for a form and you’re not sure how to format it, reach out to us and we will work with you to build it!



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