Adding a New Claim (Mobile App)


To add a new claim, start by clicking Add Claim at the top of the claim inbox.


Start by identifying the job as a single-structure or multi-structure loss. If it's a residential or single-building loss, stick with Only One Structure. If it's a multi-unit or multi-building loss (such as an apartment complex or campus with multiple buildings), choose Multiple Structures.

If your org admin has created custom room templates, you can choose a room template, which will create a number of rooms automatically when you save the claim. Otherwise, stick with the Default room template.


Next you'll be enter information about the policyholder and the loss. You don't need to have every field filled out - you can enter whatever information you have at the moment. Claim details can be added / updated later.

However you will need to fill in at least one of the Claim Identifier fields. This is how the claim will be labeled/identified in the job list. 

  • Carrier Identifier: typically the Claim # as assigned by the insurance carrier
  • Contractor Identifier: typically an internal Job # assigned by you (the contractor)
  • Assignment Identifier: typically matches the assignment number from XactAnalysis

If you're not sure, enter a Name/TBA and update it later.


When you've finished entering the claim details, tap Save.


The new claim will open up and your team can begin working out of it. You can edit the claim details at any time by clicking the pencil icon up top.



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