Which Moisture Report Should I Use?


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Encircle PDF Report

Hydro Summary Report

Hydro Full Report

Hydro Equipment Report

Hydro Carrier Report


Encircle PDF Report

Perhaps the easiest way to create a moisture report is to simply include it as a part of your overall photo report. For this, choose the Encircle PDF Report template.

Just make sure that “Psychrometrics & Moisture” is enabled. This will attach a full dry log with moisture maps, readings, photos, and equipment data – everything from your moisture records (our Hydro Full Report).




Hydro Summary Report

The Hydro Summary Report contains your dry logs and equipment information but excludes some reading photos and lists only the first and last two readings.

Use this template if you’re looking for a shorter, more concise report.



Hydro Full Report

The Hydro Full Report contains your full dry logs (all readings), equipment information, and reading photos/notes.

Use this template if you want the maximum level of detail in your report.




Hydro Equipment Report

The Hydro Equipment Report contains only your equipment information; recommendations, energy usage, and time on site.

Use this template if you want a simple drying equipment log.




Hydro Carrier Report

The Hydro Carrier Report contains equipment recommendations, moisture maps, reading photos, and a full dry log, presented in a format that will be familiar and preferred for some carriers.



Below you can download a sample of each report template.



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