Drying Chamber Moisture Map & Moisture Points


Room Moisture Map(s)

  1. Choose how you want to create a moisture map:
    1. From Existing Sketch (if you have already created a structural sketch outside the moisture tool)
    2. From Existing Moisture Map (copies a moisture map from elsewhere on the claim)
    3. From Scratch (new moisture map)
    4. On a Photo (use a photo as the background like a hand drawn sketch or sketch from another platform)
  2. Once you’ve got a room drawn or photographed, draw in the affected area using the freehand tool to indicate the spread of water. Moisture_Map.png
  3. (Optional) - click Place and drag and drop moisture points and / or equipment on the map.  Moisture_Map_2.png
  4. Click Add Another Map and repeat for each room in the chamber.Add_Another_Map.png


Moisture Point Creation & Moisture Content Readings

  1. Next to the room name, click Add.
  2. Select whether you want to add the moisture point on your moisture map or without a moisture map.
  3. If adding on a map, use the Place button and drag and drop moisture points onto the map. 
  4. Select the material(s) for your moisture point. Moisture_Point.png
  5. You’ll be prompted to take a material reading for this moisture point (you can skip this if desired).
  6. Enter the following on your reading:
    1. Meter
    2. Probe Type
    3. Moisture Content
    4. Surface Temperature (Optional)
    5. Reading Photo (Optional)
    6. Note (Optional)
    7. Reading Date/Time will time stamped automatically but can be updated if needed. MP_8.png
  7. Click Add and repeat for all moisture points in the chamber.
  8. If you skipped the material readings when you created your moisture point(s), you can take them later. Tap Moisture Content Readings from the task list.
  9. Click on a moisture point to take a reading.
  10. Enter reading data and repeat for any moisture points that require readings.



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