How to Move Photos from One Room to Another

Sometimes photos may have accidentally been added to the wrong room (Source), and may need to moved to the correct room, (Destination). 

The following steps describe how to accomplish.

  1. Click on the Rooms tab.
  2. Click on the photo icon of the Destination Room, (the room where you want to move the photos to). 
  3. The room will open, click Add Photos.
  4. Click "Or Select Existing Photos"


  1. Click on the Source Room, (the one where the photos currently exist).
  2. Select each photo to copy, or Select All.
  3. Click Add x Photos.
  4. The photos to be copied will appear in a pop-up window. Click Save Photos to confirm.


Lastly, you need to remove the photos from the room they were copied from. Go to the original room source, 

  1. Click the Rooms tab.
  2. Click the photos Icon on the original room.
  3. Hover the mouse over the photo to delete.  A Trash Icon will appear. Click to delete the photo.
  4. Repeat for all photos to be deleted.



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