Using General Notes

General Notes are a great way to communicate any type of high-level job notes to and from the field on a specific claim file. Click for the web version of General Notes.

All shared users can access, edit, and delete the notes from the web app or the mobile app.

Viewing, Editing, and Deleting Notes

1. After opening a claim, tap on the Notes icon. (it also shows the number of notes for the current job)

2. The list of notes opens. Tap on a note to open.

3. Tap the three dots to Edit, View History, or Delete the note.

4. Tap View History shows the complete history and authors.


Adding a New Note

1. Tap the General Notes icon.

2. Tap Add Note.

3. Enter an appropriate title and enter the body of the note in the description field. Tap Done, or add media as seen below.


Adding a Media to a Note

1.  Tap on the Camera icon to add photos to the note.

2. Tap on the Video icon to add a video to the note.

3. Tap the Photo icon to add an existing photo, (a photo already in the claim).

Tap Done to save the note.




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