Creating a Report and Getting a Document Signed

Also see: Setting up Custom Documents and Forms

One of the best features of Encircle is the ability to create a comprehensive report within minutes - even while on-site. The report contains all the basic formatting, including a linked table of contents, link images, and all of the critical information captured in the claim file.

  • First, create a signable document such as a "work authorization" and get it signed by the customer while on site.
  • Second, create an initial report or 24-hour report, that contains all your findings and media and attach the signed work authorization or release.

Create a Signable Form (Work Authorization)

Creating a Signable Document


If you plan to have the document signed immediately after creating, you can tap Preview and Sign, rather than Save.

Getting the Document Signed

  1. Go to Documents and tap on the document previously created.
  2. Tap Edit Document.
  3. Tap Preview and Sign.
  4. Help the customer to view and scroll the document in order to understand the agreement. 
  5. Follow the prompts for signing. Note: some custom forms may require both parties' signatures and /or initials.

Initial Report (24Hour Report) Basic most common task.

  1. Go to Documents and tap Generate Report.
  2. Tap PDF Report, then Encircle PDF Report.
  3.  Tap Everything.  This selects everything in the claim to included in the report.
  4. Enter a Report Title - such as "Initial Report", and a description. (optional).
  5. Tap Attach Documents and select the signed agreement or others listed. Tap Select.
  6. Tap Attach Photo, tap Gallery, tap Pick Existing Photo.
  7. Tap to select a photo, typically a front elevation, and tap Select. Tap  Done.
  8. Tap Save.  Your report will process for a few minutes. 

Other options are available when you tap on a report, such as View, Email, and Edit.




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