Reviewing the Claim Prior to Site Visit

When you get a claim assignment, take a few minutes to review the file for any existing photos or notes that may give you insight to help with your site visit.




In this Article:

General Notes

Policyholder Photos & Signatures

Media by Added by Team Members


General Notes

From the grey claim menu, click General Notes.



Policyholder Photos & Signatures 

If the policyholder has sent photos/videos or signed any documents, you'll find those on the claim.

  1. Click Share from the grey menu.
  2. Click anywhere on the Policyholder Link graphic. PH_Link.png



You can also view the client's photos/videos by clicking on the Policyholder Photos & Videos room.



Media by Added by Team Members

Other staff such as a project manager may have already added photos, notes, sketches, etc. Click on any room to review existing room media.




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