Contents Report: Create the Encircle Detailed Spreadsheet Report

Encircle Detailed Spreadsheet Report

  1. From the Overview Section, scroll down to Documents.
  2. Click Generate Report. 
  3. Select Excel Report as the report type. 
  4. Select All Items or by a filter in the list. 
  5. Enter your title for the report. 
  6. Select the Encircle Detailed Spreadsheet.
  7. Click to view the items selected in various rooms. The default is "all items selected" based on Step 4.
  8. Select All or deselect All, and/or select individual items to include in the report. Do for each room.(Step 7)
  9. Click Generate Report. 

After processing, you can click on the report in the Documents section of the Overview Page to view and download the report.


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