Adding Billing Contacts

What is a Billing Contact?

A Billing Contact is someone at your organization who does not use Encircle, but receives all billing communications from Encircle like invoice reminders, receipts, and monthly usage reports.

This is usually someone in the finance or accounts payable department.


What Permissions Does a Billing Contact Have?

None. It's important to note that setting someone up as a billing contact does not give them permission to log in to Encircle and pay bills. Payment must be made by an org admin. 

If they will be responsible for making payments, you'll need to set them up as an org admin for your account. 


How do I add a Billing Contact?

To complete the steps below you must login as an org admin within Encircle.

  1. Click Settings.
  2. Click Billing.
  3. Go to the Contacts section.
  4. Click Add Contact.
  5. Enter their email address where they will receive billing notifications. Click Save Contacts.






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