How to Create a PDF Report

Follow these simple steps to create and customize a PDF report:

1. After opening the claim in the Overview section, scroll down to the Documents section.

2. Click Create Document.

3. Click to select the Encircle PDF Report

4. Enter a title for your document or report.

5. Add a photo to the cover page by selecting an Existing File Photo or Attach Cover (Upload a Photo).

6. Click Select Attachments to add and attachments such as signed documents or spreadsheets to this report.

7. Click Select Contents to review and assign the specific photos and notes to be included in this report. See the section below for additional help.

8. Click to review each section

9. For each section click to include or exclude the entire contents of a section.

10. You can also click to  select or deselect specific media of any section.

11. Click to Save your Selections. Then click Generate Report.

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