Overview of the Claim Home Page (Mobile App)

When you open a claim on mobile you'll see the "home" page of the claim. From here you can navigate the job and open up the various tools for documentation.


See the guide below for basic navigation on this page.

1. Shortcuts to: 

  • Open GPS to navigate to the property
  • Open your phone to call policyholder
  • Open your email app to email policyholder

2. Edit: Edit claim details, reorder rooms, and leave the claim (unassign yourself).

3. Share: send a ink to the policyholder (to request photos or document signatures) or share the claim with team members

4. Documents: create reports & custom documents (contracts, authorizations, etc)

5. General Notes: add general notes to the claim such as information about the job site, conversations with the client, etc.

6. Floor Plan: view and add floor plans to the claim.

7. Rooms: use the Add Room button to list the affected rooms on the property


8. Home: jump back to the claim home page from any other page in the claim

9. Job Status: update the status of the job

10. Search: look up anything in the claim file

11. Notifications: view incoming notifications related to reports, document signatures, and more

11. Network Settings Shortcut: view your sync status and set your network connectivity mode


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