Guilding the Policyholder to Use Link for Photos and Videos

Step By Step

  1. Inform the policyholder that you have just sent a text message link, and they will find it with their text messages.
  2. Have them open the text messages and tap on the Link.
  3. The link will open a page showing the rooms to document with your logo at the top.
  4. Instruct them to tap on the Camera Icon of a room to begin taking photos.
  5. For some Android users, they may need to select a Camera or Video prior to capturing media. 
  6. Apple users will be able to select photos or videos from the camera screen.



  7. The camera will open and they can tap the Camera Button to take a photo or Video Record to capture video.
  8. Tap OK or Use Photo or Retry.

  9. Add additional photos by tapping the Camera icon again, or Done.


See the articles below to guide the policyholders on how to sign documents remotely with Link.

Downloadable document: Guiding the policyholder to use Link for sending photos and signing documents


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