Toggling Floor Plan On & Off

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Access to Encircle Floor Plan can be turned on and off for your entire organization, or at the individual user level.

*Note that you will need org admin permissions to manage this.

Follow these steps to manage Floor Plan access for your team:

  1. Click Settings from the left menu.
  2. Select the Organization tab.
  3. You’ll see the panel for Floor Plan access toward the top of the page.



Enable Or Disable Floor Plan for the Org

By default, Floor Plan is enabled for all users in your org. Note that you need a payment method loaded in your account in order to process floor plans (after your free trial floor plans have run out).

Claim Admins, Self-Assign users & Org Admins can view, create, and edit floor plans. Limited permission users can only view a processed Floor Plan.

Click the green toggle button to disable Floor Plan for all users in your org.

Disable for All Users.png

Enable Or Disable Floor Plan for Individual Users

  1. Click Manage Access. (this button is only visible once a payment method is added to your account).
  2. Click the green toggle button next to a user to disable access for them.
  3. Click Save.

Toggle for Individual Users.png

You can also disable Floor Plan for a user under the Members settings.

Note that users with Floor Plan disabled still see the Floor Plan button on their mobile claim home screen, but they will not be able to create a floor plan. If there are no floor plans created yet on the claim, they may click this button for more information about the feature. If the claim does have a floor plan created (by a user with access to the feature), the button can be used by any user to view the floor plan. 

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