Top 5 Tips to Increase the Accuracy of Your Floor Plans


Encircle Floor Plan has been tested to be 95-97% accurate. The accuracy of a floor plan is directly impacted by the scanning technique of the user. 

Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind while you are capturing a property using Encircle Floor Plan, to ensure you are getting the most accurate floor plan possible:

1. Keep your device oriented in front of you as you capture. Walk forwards - not sideways - throughout the property.


2. Walk along the perimeter of each room to capture the seams where the wall meets the floor. Don’t just point your device into a room and pan it around (except for small spaces where you are unable to step in).  

*Note: While panning your device to capture a small space, or to capture windows or ceilings, make sure you are standing still, and only moving your device. Pan for no longer than 2 seconds up and 2 seconds back down to avoid receiving a warning during your scan video.



3. Maintain a slow and steady walking pace while scanning. Moving too quickly prevents your device from capturing enough information to get accurate measurements. You will receive warnings on your device as you capture your scan video, if you are walking or turning too quickly.  

*Note: you also want to avoid long pauses standing still while capturing, if possible.


4. Ensure you have adequate lighting - open up all blinds and curtains, and turn on any available lights. Adding light helps your phone’s camera pick up more details to improve accuracy.


5. Do NOT capture doors as they open or close. Point your device camera elsewhere while opening or closing doors, so that your scan video does not capture this.



Bonus Tip!

When you are finished with your scan video, you will land on a review screen. Be sure to look at the timeline at the bottom of your screen for any red markings. The red marks show when you received warnings to correct your scanning technique.


A high amount of red means that your scanning technique was not ideal. In other words, a lot of red could indicate that your resulting floor plan will have some dimensional inaccuracies. 

If the timeline shows more than 30%, or about one third red, we recommend that you rescan a property. Note that you are only charged for scans that you submit. There is no fee to rescan a property from this screen.


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