Importing Matterport Models

*Note that your org must have Matterport integration enabled before you can start importing Matterport models to the Encircle jobs.

Within the Encircle Web App, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Rooms & Structures tab.
  2. Open the room where you want to save the Matterport model.
  3. You will be prompted to authorize access to Matterport. [This access will last for 24 hours, meaning that you can import as many models as needed during that time.] Click Authorize.1-3.png
  4. You’ll be prompted to sign in to Matterport if you aren’t already signed in (make sure you have Matterport login credentials on hand).
  5. Click Authorize. 4-5.png
  6. Click Import.
  7. Select a Matterport model from the list of available models. [Note that if you are not shared on the space in Matterport, it will not appear here. Also, the space must be set to “Unlisted” or “Public” in order to save to Encircle.]
  8. Click Save Matterport Model.



Viewing Models

Click the thumbnail image to open the Matterport space in a separate viewer.


Field staff will also be able to view the space in the Encircle mobile app under the Sketches tab.




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