Importing a Floor Plan into Xactimate as an Underlay

Encircle has an integration with Xactimate that allows you to import a floor plan and automatically generate an Xactimate sketch. See our other help articles for help with enabling Xactimate integration and importing a floor plan directly to Xactimate. There may be instances where an import is not possible. When this occurs, we recommend using the steps below to use the underlay feature in Xactimate to create your sketch.



Once you have received your Encircle Floor Plan file back into your Encircle claim, you are able to download this floor plan image from within the Encircle web app. You can save the floor plan image anywhere on your computer so it is easily accessible. 

To import your floor plan image, follow these steps:

  1. Open the sketch tab in your Xactimate claim file.
  2. Click Options in the top tool bar.
  3. Click Import.
  4. Choose Import Underlay Image.
  5. Select the floor plan image that you saved to your computer.



The next pop-up window will allow you to scale the floor plan by drawing one measurement line and entering the dimension. We recommend using the longest known measurement within the Encircle Floor Plan for the most accurate scaled results. Note that the dimensions on the Encircle Floor Plan are measured from the interior of one wall to the other. The measurement line you draw in Xactimate should also span the same area (should sit within the walls, not from one outside wall edge to the other). 


From there, you can begin to draw over the underlay with your Xactimate rooms, like you would create any other sketch.


When using your Encircle Floor Plan as an underlay in Xactimate, note that the wall thickness in the Encircle Floor Plan is not identical to the default wall thickness in Xactimate.

All Encircle Floor plan interior walls will have a 4” thickness.

If the floor plan was created by an iPhone with LiDAR, the perimeter walls will be 6” thick. All other devices will have a 10” perimeter wall thickness.


^This means that while you are drawing rooms over your Encircle Floor Plan underlay within Xactimate, you may need to adjust the placement of your Xactimate room walls to sit slightly inside the edges of the Encircle Floor Plan room walls. You should aim for the Xactimate room dimensions to match the Encircle Floor Plan room dimensions.


*This shows a space labeled 3’ x 7’ on the Encircle Floor Plan image, with an Xactimate room drawn over top to reflect the same interior room measurement. 

It also should be noted that Encircle Floor Plan includes the floor space under the walls when calculating square footage. Xactimate does not include this floor space under the walls in their square footage calculations. This means that your Xactimate square footage may come out lower than the square footage indicated from Encircle Floor Plan.

If you are working on sub-flooring or are working on properties where walls are down to the studs, you can draw your Xactimate sketch in such a way that you are capturing the space under the walls as well, to capture that extra square footage. This will get the Xactimate square footage closer to the square footage returned from Encircle Floor Plan.


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